Hey, I’m Charlie.

I’m a 26-year-old Dutchie living in Amsterdam. I have too many interests. But entrepreneurship is definitely one of the things I like best. I’m in love with storytelling-driven marketing, to gain audience for things that matter.

(I’m still working on the translation of this page in my spare time. Do you see room for improvements or did you spot any mistakes? Great! Let me know.)

I dream of a better world

That is why I love social entrepreneurship. Not as a goal itself, but as a powerful tool in order to create positive impact.

I don’t aim at driving a super expensive lease car within three years (been there done that), instead I’m looking at how to invest in sustainable solutions. How to do well. Improving this wonderful planet that we live on fascinates me, or assisting people who are seen as outcasts of today’s society. I’m always looking for ways to improve connections between people.

Some things I’ve done

  • Studio Lot
    I started my own business when I was twelve years old. Well, officially when I was eighteen (at the age of twelve, I was told to grow up first and then start a business). Over the last years I’ve built hundreds of websites for clients all over Europe. Moreover, I helped them with marketing and brand building. Some companies I worked for, are: Extreme Beliefs, ADD Coaching, Abraham Kuyper Center.
  • Fifa La Favela
    During the last soccer worldcup we raised over 33.000 euros for various charities in the favelas of Brasil. For each goal, people donated an amount of money. As Holland made it to the finale, we raised much more money than we’d ever hoped for. On the radio I told something about the project (in Dutch).
  • Abonnee van de week in de Donald Duck
    Yeah, quite the highlight of my career.
  • Arcus

    Together with my friend Jan Wolsheimer I directed a small documentary about two Dutch people in the south of Spain. A few years before that time, they had started a shelter for homeless people. With the documentary we raised 27.000 euros. Enough to pay their rent for the next five years.

  • Gelukkiger van Geven

    At the beginning of 2017 I assisted Jan Wolsheimer (somehow he always shows up) with starting ‘Gelukkiger van Geven’ (Happier through Giving) – a website that crowdfunds for people who are in need of assistance, one way or another. In less than a year, we’d already raised over € 50.000.

  • Writing

    Sometimes I write a bit. About marketing, Portugese peeps or when my camera was stolen. It’s all in Dutch.

  • Jesse Olivier
    In 2014, my close friend Stella Kralt and I decided to raise money for the incurably ill Jesse Olivier. His family was in dire need of financial help, as their family home needed to be adapted to suit Jesse’s needs. In only a few weeks, we raised 5,000 euros and even found some handymen willing to help with some of the renovations. Next to this, various newspapers wrote about iniatives and the Dutch politician Emile Roemer even tweeted about it.
  • Filming

    For this primary school, for instance. Or for the Dutch clothing brand CoolCat. A few weddings. All kind of things. Recently I made an online training for ADD Coaching, check it out!

  • Creative brainstorming abroad

    Also quite a highlight. In March 2017 I went to Spain with a nice client Priscilla Vreugdenhil to mastermind a new service: career-coaching in Spain. I helped Priscilla with the content, branding and marketing. A few months after our trip she went to Spain again, this time with her first client!

Well, that’s enough for now. If you’d like to know more, then by all means, ask me!

In 2015, I travelled as a digital nomad through Spain and Portugal for eight months. I worked remotely for Dutch clients.

Some things I know about

In case you still don’t believe me

“Je zou kunnen volstaan met zeggen dat Charlie Matse goed is in zijn vak. Dat is hij ook, maar hij is zoveel meer. Hij luistert goed en analyseert grondig voor hij zijn creativiteit op een opdracht los laat. Hij verbaast telkens weer met originele invalshoeken. […] Hij onderneemt. En… hij is ook nog een heel prettig mens.”

Dirk J. van der Spoel


“Charlie heeft al zoveel opgezet, wordt gedreven door een innerlijke motor met superpower en is een bruisend vat aan creativiteit. Een mooi voorbeeld: het samenwerkproject met dagblad Trouw. Hoofdredacteur Willem Schonen kwam op school om de eindproducties te aanschouwen en te beoordelen. Helaas was het vernieuwende denken soms wat zoek. Totdat Charlie binnenkwam. Niets van powerpointje met dia’s. Stevig argumenterend, uitleggend en met zijn woordenschat en tempo overdonderde hij ons allen. Hier stond iemand die kennis, creativiteit en lef op een aanstekelijke wijze wist te combineren. Charlie in een paar woorden: onconventioneel en dynamisch en bovenal integer.”

Annemarie van Rooijen

Mentor / docent Sociologie

“Het is prettig werken met Charlie. Hij denkt met je mee en ontwikkelt creatieve ideeën razendsnel. […] Charlie heeft oprechte interesse in mij en mijn bedrijf. Dat is prettig praten, maar belangrijker: het beïnvloedt de kwaliteit van zijn werk. Hij begrijpt waar ik mee bezig ben. Zijn drive en enthousiasme zijn duidelijk voelbaar en dat werkt aanstekelijk.”

Daisy Busscher


What I do now

After eleven years of entrepreneurship and building the coolest websites in town, I wanted to go a bit more in-depth. Therefore, I am now in the first year of Sociology at the  University of Amsterdam. Next to my studies, I still take on various interesting projects, just to make sure I can make my mum proud by eating healthy instead of student fastfood.

Fancy a cup of tea to talk about your project? Do you think I can help you out with something? Or would you just like to get to know me better? Let’s become friends! Send me a WhatsApp, smoke signals, or just shoot me an email.